Michael Pajón

New Orleans, Louisiana

“I want to reimagine myths and our perceptions of history. Viewing these stories that weave our collective history through modern lenses to breathe new life and create fresh perspectives. I was inspired recently by the 1619 Project and one of the deep questions they get at is, ‘Isn’t all history a white history if that is the only perspective it is being funneled through’. This really struck me, our own lived experiences absolutely shape our perceptions of the world, how we exist and move through it, express ourselves in it. These stories are not rigid, they are fluid and open for interpretation and reimagining, and that is very exciting to me. In one image I have created a reimagining entitled Podarge, Daughter of the West Wind, in myth a wild vengeful elemental creature. Here she stands powerful and angry, a symbol of the angry woman who refuses to be silenced and gaslit by the misogyny of men.”