Larry McNeil


Boise, Idaho

“I want to reimagine a world where humans seem to have an eroded concept of nature. Since we are a part of nature, we can clean up our messes. It seems that with the pandemic, existential threats have hardly ever been so real. Who is going to be still alive two years from now? I have no idea, not a clue. I am an Indigenous person and our ongoing reality has to do with ancient mythological stories that tend to define our existence. Raven is a mythological being who is a changeling, can shift identities at will. And a creature who brought light to the world because a wealthy aristocrat was so damn greedy that he even stole the sun from the sky and left the world in oppressive darkness. Raven doesn’t play fair and perhaps bringing balance back means being assertive and decisive just like in ancient times. And bringing serious attitude; mediocrity won’t help. Raven has always been heroic, larger than life and a literal part of the landscape. The call to action is literal too and it’s an open question as to whether humans will be able to answer the call. So roll up your sleeves everyone.”