Karsten Creightney

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I want to reimagine the United States of America without white supremacy. As a place in which Indigenous peoples’ land rights matter, and the promises made by our government to African and Native Americans are finally honored. I want to reimagine our values such that children learn that Harriet Tubman and Chief Joseph were founders of a better America. I want to reimagine this country as a place in which we are taught to treat the land, air, and water that comprise it with respect. A place where we confront our history in a meaningful way that provides for real truth and reconciliation. I want to reimagine this country as having dismantled both the Dakota Access Pipeline and the school-to-prison pipeline for good. I want to reimagine that, rather than Geronimo’s skull being stolen and kept as a trophy at Yale University, that we all keep his fighting spirit in our hearts. In this time of reevaluation and increasing awareness of the darker parts of our history—let us not forget to connect the movement for Black lives to the struggle for Indigenous peoples’ land rights and sovereignty.”