Jennifer Nehrbass

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I want to reimagine a world that has no boundaries. They are man made constructs. The one hundredth meridian historically marked the beginning of the West, the point where the frontier began and ‘society’ ended. This invisible line signified the start of the endless landscape, one that was filled with unlimited possibilities, resources and opportunities. Landscape painting and photography were once used to romanticize and politicize notions of manifest destiny to inspire people to move out west. Users of social media share significant similarities. They post photos that are manipulated to create the best images to push personal and societal narratives. I am interested in what is the best image and if it can be created or captured. My collages explore the western landscape with images that are pulled from various locations to become the idealized vistas. Realism mixes with abstraction to create tension between the physical and intellectual experience of space. A place where memory and reality collide.”