Cromática From Home

As part of Museum from Home, 516 ARTS offer online tools to visit our spring 2020 exhibition Tania Candiani: Cromática.

516 ARTS presents Cromática, a solo exhibition by acclaimed Mexican City artist Tania Candiani. Making its debut in the United States after originating in Oaxaca and then traveling to Guadalajara, Hermosillo and Ciudad Juárez, the exhibition explores color, sound, and synesthesia—a condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived by different senses. Known for her interdisciplinary approaches that collaboratively mine fields of research and production—both artisanal and industrial—her work navigates the intersections of art, design, sound, and science. She says, “I am intrigued by the way in which visions of scientific and technological progress entail ideas about collective futures, public expectations and the common good. And in that sense, how your notions are constantly evolving, not only in terms of technology but also culturally. It seems pertinent to look at the past in a kind of archeology of that knowledge, to observe the possibilities of the future.” 

Throughout Cromática, Candiani explores and connects fine art and craft traditions, tracing their origins to Indigenous modes of creation and labor. Using weaving, dying, sculpture, poetry, music, performance, and historical context, she approaches art making as a vehicle for preserving the memory of ancestral crafts.