Malin Bürlow, on interconnectedness of bodies.⁠⠀
“What forms do us create?⁠⠀
Who am I in relation to you?” ⁠⠀
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Malin Bülow (1979, Sweden) uses moving bodies and the tension created by elastic fabric to explore movement, relationships and the resistance of collective bodies.⁠⠀
As the artist states: “Mutual reliance emerges as the bodies lean on the weight of the other. In constant search for equilibrium the work seeks to caress the ceaseless endeavor of interpersonal balance.”⁠⠀
“Elastic Lives”, Hi Gordon, Schlossgasse, Vienna (AT). Performed by: Chiara Bartl-Salvi and Pia W⁠⠀
“Static Tension”, Galleri Boa, Oslo (NO),2020⁠⠀
Performed by: Marie Rechsteiner⁠⠀
“Symbiotic Sways”⁠⠀