Albuquerque-based artist Jonathan Hartshorn received the Fulcrum Fund last year to host a year of exhibitions in his backyard gazebo space. The current exhibition SHRINKWRAP by Stephen Maine is “on-view” through May 2nd. Prior to self-distancing made public gatherings impossible, the original concept had the public cutting up the painting and making kites from it at the closing reception. For now, we’ll just enjoy these photos and documentation. 

From the press release: 

Calendar presents, Shrinkwrap, a site-specific painting installation by Stephen Maine. The exhibition consists of a continuous scroll of painted polyethylene plastic that completely encloses Calendar’s backyard-gazebo home, commandeering the structure as support for a luminous, environmental-scale painting in the round. The artist recombines transparent glazes of pure color, shambolic distorted grids, serendipitous splashes, blistery blotches, ad hoc appliqué, and his signature brushless method of relief-print-like “paintingmaking” in a semi-see-thru shroud that completely encloses the space, sealing it off from human habitation (if you’re very good you might be allowed to go inside) and subverting its intended use as a symbolic shelter while paradoxically heightening its potential as a vehicle for other meanings. Physically compact yet conceptually expansive, subject to constantly shifting light conditions, Shrinkwrap offers viewers a portal to contemplation in the form of a continually transforming visual experience. At the exhibition’s closing, the artist will assist visitors in cutting the painting to pieces and making kites out of it.