Catalina Delgado-Trunk (Mexico City, MEX)

Cyclical Time

Cut paper over paper, 30×40 in


The artist wrote:

This is a piece that I created back in 2012 when some folks were proclaiming that the Maya calendar would be ending on December 21, 2012. They erroneously thought that it was the date that indicated the end of the world. “What foolishness and balderdash,” I said. 

Those folks simply did not know much about the Maya and much less about their own calendar. The Maya were great mathematicians and astronomers. As a matter of fact, they invented the zero before the Hindus and, obviously, way before the zero finally reached Europe via the Arabs and their great scholars. 

The December 21, 2012 date simply pointed out the end of the Maya Long Cycle of time and the beginning of a new cycle.

Time simply does not end, and, as we are are presently going through a very difficult and painful period of time, we must think of our human history. Numerous civilizations have risen and fallen throughout our long history, and our precious planet has experienced numerous evolutionary phases, cataclysms, and changes. Yet the cycle of time does not stop. The Maya understood this. Most importantly now, as we are experiencing this terrible Covid 19 crisis, I hope that we are also reflecting on what golden lessons we can and should learn from it. 

I hope that we can come out of it fully aware of our humanity through cooperation, compassion, acceptance, and respect for all, as well as a strong desire to work not only to think and work for the self but for the common good. I also hope that when we finally work though this challenging test, that we can be better aware of the wonderful gifts granted to us by nature and our cosmos so that we can bond together and nurture it with the gratitude it well deserves. 

Time will not stop, but if we do not do as I am hoping for, we, as a species along with may other species, will become extinct and our precious planet will become near inhabitable.