Kevin O’Connell (Denver, CO)

100 Days (inside)

Enlarged polaroids


“Kevin O’Connell has a rare form of cancer. He has spent more time than he would like to recall in hospital rooms, in his own room, confined, enduring the process of illness and therapy. Turning to his camera, the artists seeks release from discomfort, from the ongoing battle between pain and his weak body, from his struggle to do something with the hours of inactivity, of waiting. Intensely personal, O’Connell’s series, 100 Days (inside) was made while he was undergoing blood transfusions and other invasive cancer treatments.

Seeking instant gratification, the artist aimed his Polaroid camera at the shadows and corners of his room, looking for the reward of light, color, and the form that pushed past the physicality of the walls, the inescapable smells, and the scratchy sheets, to release, to creativity.” –Mary Anne Redding, curator, Landscapes of Life & Death