Billy Joe Miller and Nathan Weick (East Mountains of Albuquerque and Abiqui, NM)

Shasta Wreath

Medium: organic materials obtained in Shasta County CA (in careful collaboration with a Bureau of Land Management Forester), both rings 9′ diameter, Spring 2020

The artist wrote: “The Carr Fire burned 230,000 acres in Shasta and Trinity Counties on Shasta Indian Nation land. Some of the primary species burned were: Douglas-fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, White Fir and Incense Cedar. Much of the fire area was considered California Spotted Owl Critical Habitat. In this piece Miller and Weick continue to collaborate on work that memorializes landscapes transformed by human impact. The artists believe stewardship and reverence for the more than human world is crucial for all life to flourish. “

Themes: Creativity in the time of crisis, Sharing and caring, Sustainable practices, Interconnectivity

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