Edited excerpts of film of Dancing Earth’s Indigenous contemporary  dance performance, with theme of young Indigenous people fleeing  the Apocalypse, to seek ancestral knowledge for a way of life in balance with the cosmos, then laying on the earth under the stars to dream in the future and becoming eco-warrior super heros. 

Artistic Director Rulan Tangen wrote: “With this creation we address centuries of enforced isolation, disease, and other weapons of colonization including historical exploitation in the economy of labor , with creative resilience through centuries of crisis. The performance echoes our real lives , facing challenges, to take responsibility to cultivate new songs and dances to be the contemporary rituals to transform current issues. The artist-heroes  reimagine a new beginning that reconnects to ancestral knowledge of sustainable and renewable way of life,  with generosity and reciprocity, embodying hope, and weaving together  a web of equity and interconnectivity.”

Created by Dancing Earth, with Artistic Director Rulan Tangen (living south of Oga’Pogeh aka Santa Fe), with filmmaker Jon Sims (Acoma) ; Dancing Earth artists live in Albuquerque, Abiquiu, Santa Clara Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo Nation , Jicarilla Apache reservation, and beyond.

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